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The humble bee — the world’s greatest pollinator — is in trouble. Dalan has the solution.

The world’s first bee vaccine platform

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With annual U.S. revenue estimated to be $1 billion, commercial beekeeping is a significant market.

But 30-45% of hives are lost annually, with many bees succumbing to highly contagious and devastating diseases.

Why bee health matters
The Industry
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$10 billion
Expected global apiculture market by 2023
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$1 billion
Annual revenue across 2 million commercial hives in the U.S.
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Number of hives where AFB bacteria spores are present

Dalan’s unique insect vaccine technology has the potential to reduce the severity of honeybee infectious diseases such as American Foulbrood.

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“We are on borrowed time if we do not have a prophylactic. Probiotics are good, but are a Band-Aid solution. We must decrease vulnerability and protect supply — we are at the critical edge…” 
Brett Adee, Adee Honey Farms