The Dalan Solution

Honeybee vaccines

Dalan's unique insect vaccine technology will be the only prophylactic solution protecting the world's honeybees from infectious deadly diseases such as American Foulbrood.

  • Oral Immunization of the queen bee
  • Priming may occur at a colony-wide level
  • Easy to use
  • No artificial additives or preservatives
  • Suitable for organic agriculture
Lab engineer working with samples
Dalan’s vaccine approach does not rely on small molecule pesticides or pharmaceutical products, which in the past have been shown to affect:
Larval Fitness
Colony Strength
Honey Quantity
Honey Quality
Moving forward

Dalan has received the go-ahead from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to pursue a conditional approval process for the first ever honey bee vaccine.  

helping nature help itself

How it works

Beekeeper checking hive

The Dalan vaccine  technology exposes queen bees to inactive — i.e. “dead” — American foulbrood bacteria, and other dead pathogens, which enables the larvae hatched in the hive to resist American Foulbrood infection

  • 01.
    AFB vaccine is placed into the sugar feed.
  • 02.
    Worker bees consume the vaccine with the sugarfeed, which is then digested, and transferred to the glands that produce Royal Jelly.
  • 03.
    Worker bees feed the Royal Jelly containing the AFB vaccine to the queen bee.
  • 04.
    The queen digests the Royal Jelly and stores vaccine particles in her fat body.
  • 05.
    The vaccine is transferred to the ovaries and passed to the developing eggs.
  • 06.
    The developing larvae (now vaccinated) are resistant to AFB infections as they hatch.
global markets
Honeybees are an integral part of the global food supply chain.

Globally, pollination contributes $300B+  every year to a variety of markets. Commercially operated beehives is an $10B+ market. Sick and dying hives put global markets at risk. Currently, there are no safe and effective prophylactic solutions available to the industry to prevent these detrimental losses.

Coming up with solutions is of at most importance. Dalan's sustainable vaccine technology is uniquely positioned to have huge impact on the beekeeping industry and securing markets from food and feed supply to honey to pharma.

Infographic depicting scale of bee global markets

California: A Case Study

California’s massive almond industry, for example, relies almost entirely on honeybees for pollination.

Hives/year required to ensure max. yield
Yearly hives imported from other states
Annual leasing costs to growers
(a 50% increase since 2012)
Annual California almond revenue
California jobs in the almond industry
Pollination industry’s annual contribution to U.S. crop market
future markets
The Dalan vaccine technology has the potential to revolutionize the treatment of insect diseases across the globe and offer sustainable solutions to agriculture.

Additional Global Bee Diseases:

  • Bacterial: European Foulbrood Disease
  • Fungal: Chalkbrood
  • Viral: Deformed Wing Virus
Beekeeper working in apiary
“What this team is accomplishing will be the long term future of beekeeping. It's the change and the direction that the industry has badly needed for some time and has patiently waited for.”
Chris Gates, Flying Bee Inc.