The Technology Platform

Prophylactic Protection

Better efficacy and performance for protecting our pollinators and meeting the demands of modern apiary needs

Easy to Use

Oral, can be given in queen feed fitting into the normal management practices of beekeepers



Adaptable across pollinators, Adaptable across pathogens


We use all organic ingredients free of pesticides, antibiotics or preservatives.

Helping Nature help itself: A breakthrough in prophylactic treatment transferred from the queen to the next generation larvae.  Our technology utilizes a process known as Transgenerational Immune Priming (TGIP). The approach was first proposed by a team of leading scientists at the University of Helsinki under the patronage of the Academy of Finland and offers for the first time an approach to protect larvae before they hatch.

The phenomenon of transgenerational immune priming in insects indicates that female insects can convey protection against disease to their offspring by transferring fragments of bacterial cell walls (immune elicitors) to the eggs during oogenesis (Salmela et al., 2015; Freitak et al., 2014). By exposing the queen bee in a controlled manner to inactivated bacteria fragments, an increase in disease resistance of larvae can be achieved. 

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