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Vaccines for Honey Bees—The health of honeybees is of vital importance to our food chain. In the EU and U.S. commercial beekeepers operate approximately 20 million beehives with few options for disease prevention. At Dalan, we are developing the first ever honeybee vaccine to protect colonies against the highly contagious and devastating disease called American Foulbrood (AFB). Currently, no other safe and effective prophylactic solutions are available to protect hives from AFB. Our oral vaccine technology offers significant protection to the honey bee larvae, and increasing overall hive resistance against the disease.

What is American Foulbrood? American Foulbrood (AFB) is a fatal bacterial brood disease and is caused by the spore forming bacterium Paenibacillus larvae. While there are variations from region to region, in the U.S. approximately 50% of hives in the United States carry P. larvae. Spores can live in hives up to 70 years,and turn virulent at any given time without warning. AFB is the most virulent and devastating disease to affect bee hives, and burning of the hive is often the only solution to contain the disease. Dalan’s vaccine will be the only preventative measure available for apiarists to avoid devastating losses due to an AFB outbreak.

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